Useful Contacts

If you are looking for a teacher in your area who teaches yoga for M.E. please click here to contact Fiona or view the Teacher Directory

Action for ME has a very good journal and membership service.

Action for ME,
3rd Floor, Canningford House,
38 Victoria Street,

Alex Howard runs a clinic to help support those with ME. He offers excellent advice on the best diet to gain optimum health and energy and also offers therapy services such as NLP.

His book ‘Why ME?’ published by Cherry Red books is also available from:

The Optimum Health Clinic,
Bickerton House,
25-27 Bickerton Road,
London, N19 5JT

The DVD, ‘Beat Fatigue with Yoga’, which includes a twenty-five minute session for people with ME is also available from this address.

James Swartz runs courses in India for those interested in the study of vedanta. This is advaita, also known as non-duality. If you are interested in this please visit or you can order the book ‘How to Attain Enlightenment’ by James Swartz via Amazon.

Angela Stevens has excellent cassette tapes and CDs with yoga for M.E. sessions on them. Angela also keeps a list of teachers across the UK who specialise in teaching yoga for M.E. so if you want to know if there is a teacher in your area send an SAE to:

Angela Stevens,
Southview Road,
East Sussex

Angela also has an excellent range of CDs on yoga, breathing and relaxation. E-mail Angela for more details on e-mail:

Brainfog is an excellent online support group for people with M.E. Run by Alison Petty, the site has won awards for its design and innovation. Brainfog also run gatherings. I sometimes take yoga retreats for Brainfog.

The Special Yoga Centre runs general and therapeutic classes including a weekly class for people with ME. The Special Yoga Centre has an amazing peaceful atmosphere, is run by true yogis and also offers classes for children with special needs.

The Special Yoga Centre,
2a Wrentham Avenue,
Kensal Rise
Tel: 0208 9681930

If you have special dietary needs or allergies this is a fantasic website giving lots of tasty hints and receipes:


The Yoga for Health and Education Trust

(YHET)YHET is a charity promoting yoga for all. It runs yoga events and courses, including remedial / therapeutic yoga and trains yoga teachers with an emphasis on remedial yoga. Its website includes yoga for ME / CFS and lists of yoga classes.

Yoga Pages
Prime Impact Events & Media Ltd,
The Old School
Colchester Road
Wakes Colne
Essex CO6 2BY




Consultations in Brighton at Dyke Road Natural Health Clinic:
274 Dyke Road
Brighton BN1 5AE
Tel: 01273 561844 / 561845

Charlotte was the nutritionist for GMTV this summer and also was on BBCC3 Freaky Eaters.  She recovered from ME/CFS herelf and I thoroughly recommend her – she isn’t too expensive and really knows her stuff and can make a big difference to health and energy.

For good nutrition advice and also yoga in Brighton, contact Becky:

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