Yoga for CFS, Burnout and Stress

Yoga for CFS, Stress and BurnoutYoga for CFS, Burnout and Stress comprises of seven sessions including breathing, stretching, relaxation, meditation and chanting.  The aim of each practice (which averages around half an hour) is to soothe the central nervous system so that deep healing and rest can occur – thus boosting vitality and well-being.  The yoga in this series also works by helping you to become more mindful so that you can truly inhabit your body  – which, in turn, calms down any anxiety or rapid thinking.  Whether you are new to yoga or a regular practitioner, these sessions are a profound way of supporting your energy and healing, and you can choose the session best suited your needs on any given day.

You can sign up to access Fiona’s yoga online via Conscious TV which gives you access to many other yoga teachers and courses.  See below for more details or click here.

Yoga for CFS, Burnout and StressTo join me for the online course, you need to become a member of Conscious 2, which is a platform for mindfulness, yoga and spiritual teachings online. This will give you not only access to the full series of Yoga for CFS, Burnout and Stress, but to the entire Conscious 2 library, including over 250 hours of online courses and yoga classes with many other teachers. There are different membership options, but the basic membership is less than £10 a month (the cost of one yoga class and a lot less than a massage) – which then gives you all the yoga and courses that you should ever need. And of course you can then choose when you do them – and where – such as in the comfort of your own home.
I would like to say a huge thank you to Asquith who provided the lovely clothes for the filming – and also to Alex Howard who made all of this possible. If you would like to know more about the clothes then will really tempt you!

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