The Super Fatigue Conference

Are you tired all the time?  Do you struggle with brain fog, sleep sensitivities or pain?  If so, like tens of millions of people you have likely been failed by the medical system.

Fatigue is the number ONE symptom stated in medical records, and it is a symptom of almost every chronic illness.  

Finding answers can be a tricky process because what works for one person might not work for another.  One person’s medicine can be another’s poison.  But, there are real answers out there, the secret is finding the right pieces to your own health jigsaw.

Fiona is very excited to be a small part of The Fatigue Super conference, the largest ever online conference on fatigue, bringing together over 40 of the world’s leading experts. (Some of her yoga will be used!) The conference is being hosted by Alex Howard, founder and CEO of The Optimum Health Clinic which for the last 16 years has supported patients in over 40 countries with fatigue related conditions.

 Just some of the important areas being covered in The Fatigue Super Conference are:

  • The critical role played by mitochondria in energy production
  • Why your microbiome is at the heart of everything, along with the very latest research on how to heal your gut
  • How psychology and emotional trauma impact your physiology and energy levels
  • Lyme disease, mould and how to deal with complex immune conditions
  • What foods you should eat, which you should avoid, and how to know what is going to work for you
  • How to motivate yourself to make lasting changes
  • And much more…

And, if you’ve been part of other online health summits before, you’ll be pretty stunned at what Alex and his team have put together.  In addition to multiple feature interviews each day, there will also be in-depth fatigue recovery stories, real life case studies, support and guidance for those caring for people affected by fatigue, and even daily meditation and yoga videos.

Whether you are suffering from mild fatigue, chronic fatigue or ME/CFS, Lyme disease or co-infections, exhaustion from stress or mould toxicity, this is the online event of the year for you.

The Fatigue Super Conference is online and broadcast at no charge from June 10-17.  

Register for free here:

If fatigue has impacted your life, or someone you love, you owe it to yourself to join this event.